Van Richten AKA Rictavio

Colorfully-Dressed Half-Elven Bard


Rictavio revealed himself to be none other than the famous vampire hunter Van Richten.

Begging the assistance of the party to help him find his missing Saber-Toothed Tiger, they tracked the beast to the old Toy Maker Blinksy’s shop, where the party made the disturbing discovery of a pair of doll’s crafted in the spitting image of Ireena and Tempest.

Upon locating the Tiger, Tempest used a mind control spell to subdue the beast. Van Richten and Vandis then escorted the creature back to the caravan, while Ruby and Tempest made a distraction in the town square.

Before he departed, Van Richten promised to send word of where to reach him through his assistant Esmeralda.


A traveling bard searching for an audience to perform to.

Was rudely accosted by Ruby while enjoying his drink at the Blue Water Inn. It was discovered that he keeps a carnival caravan stored at the Stockyards. While breaking inside of the caravan Ruby discovered Rictavio has a Saber-Toothed Tiger locked up inside. After she looted the caravan of valuable silver weapons, prayer books, and holy symbols; the Tiger awakened and broke free. Escaping into the dark alley ways of Vallaki.

Van Richten AKA Rictavio

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